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Monetization Solutions
For Independent Creators

Your elite White-Glove Sales Partner.


For Publishers


Host Read Ads

Host read ads have always been the gold standard for engagement in podcasting. What's better than a trusted advisor (i.e. host) that you listen to week-in and week-out, speaking to a product or service from personal experience? The answer is, not much. 


Programmatic Ads

Every download has value, regardless of when it occurs. Programmatic ads allow publishers to monetize a greater percentage of their inventory, by filling in the 'gaps' (i.e. ad slots that would otherwise go unsold or unfilled). AMP can help you make the most of every ad slot.


Hosting Services

Sometimes change is good. We're here and ready to help you move to an IAB certified platform - something advertisers specifically look for - while assisting with your campaign flighting and inventory management. Ask us about the possibility of free hosting!


For Advertisers;
Why Podcasts?

Studies show that brand recall is higher through host read advertising and listeners are inclined to take recommendations from their favorite hosts. The same holds true in the world of YouTube.

Whether you're seeking brand awareness or a direct response campaign, our experts are here to guide you from initial show recommendations through negotiations and campaign management.


We'll help you find the perfect audience.

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About AMP

Our team of professionals is dedicated to empowering independent podcasters and YouTube creators by removing the stress associated with monetization. Instead of worrying about securing sales, creators are free to do what they do best. With this creator-centric approach, Amplitude Media Partners specializes in forging authentic brand partnerships and providing monetization solutions to drive success in the digital audio space.

With an approach guided by extensive industry experience in media sales, digital marketing, and content creation, the company’s leadership is passionate about fostering a thriving ecosystem where creators can focus on their craft while achieving financial success. 

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Let's talk! If you are a publisher looking for monetization options or an advertiser looking to promote your brand, we're here and ready to help.

Or maybe you just want to share some industry insights with us. Doesn't matter -- we'd love to connect.

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